Our people make us a forward thinking company. Here at Fulcrum, we choose potential over experience and heartily accept those who are smart, hard working, and determined. Our global workforce consists of passionate professionals who exude creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit. Fulcrum is a company of diverse set of people with equally varied experiences and skills. They are all connected by a common passion for innovation.

As an entity, we strive to preserve the open culture across our global centers, so that everyone is encouraged to be a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our leaders go great lengths to keep employees upbeat and productive. It's a common sight to see employees sparking conversations on technologies and trends, as a mind-sharing exercise.

Given the global nature of our organization, we seek out employees who are experts and also have the ability to work as part of a cross-functional team. Our teams share our passion for working on high-impact products and predicting what consumers will want in the coming days.

When we are not working, we are either pursuing our interests or serving a cause that's close to our hearts. As fun and collaboration describes our workplace environment, it is not unusual to find employees trying their hands at table tennis, or talking about their projects over a cup of coffee. Our HR policies are customized to breed a flexible work culture and focus on work-life balance for employees. No wonder that we were recognized as one of the best companies to work for.

Here at Fulcrum Worldwide, we drive innovations that spur development of unique solutions and products, which again deliver better, agile and competitive output across the globe. We are passionate about designing great products that improve people's lives.

Join Fulcrum Worldwide, and you'll feel the pride that your work is helping to create a positive impact on individuals, organizations and society. This is the place where you get to work with the brightest and reinvent your potential. Here you can shape your career as per your aspirations!