Fulcrum Difference:

  • Meeting Changing Consumer Demands
  • Inventory Planning
  • Improve Service Levels


Henry Ford was absolutely on target when he said, 'The thing is to keep everything in motion.' We want the product to 'flow' as smoothly as possible from source to destination by eliminating waste in the value stream and managing bottlenecks.




With companies spanning across continents, and dealing with ever-growing competition in-pursuit to meet organizational goals and capitalize on flourishing markets, organizations have to embrace emerging technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility and virtualization to stay ahead of the curve.



"Shop till you drop" has now changed to "Shop with sensibility". Consumers have changed, and so have their buying patterns. With this change in pattern entwined with complex supply chains & competition along with the advent of eCommerce, merchandizing and POS systems, IT for retail is no longer what it used to be.



As you grow, you have to effectively manage logistics cost, standardize processes and integrate acquired or merged entities, overcome rising fuel costs, environmental concerns and compliance issues. Adapting to the new dynamics by leveraging IT is the new game plan.

Custom MRL based application development


With Fulcrum's expertise, build intuitive custom applications for any function/department and then integrate it with your other business applications or websites.

Opt for full life-cycle application development engagement, wherein we undertake the analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration activities, or partner with us to work with your in-house IT team.

We'll work with you by employing a modular approach to the entire life cycle and will utilize industry best practices, tools and frameworks.

MRL-based Web Applications


With Fulcrum's expertise, build and deploy web-based applications or deliver innovative online experiences. From eCommerce to social networking, effective web applications are critical for business success.

Simplify application infrastructure, integrate functions/departments/clients to reduce capital expense and operating costs.

We'll work with you to deliver faster, consistent web-experience across geographies and provide secured, high-performing user experience on any device.

Inventory Planning and Forecasting Tool


With Fulcrum's expertise, optimize inventory levels to anticipated demand, minimize/monitor overstock or stockout scenarios and increase top-line revenue through better understanding of demand.

Forecast-based planning operates using historical data and forecast values as future requirements are determined through the integrated forecasting program.

We'll work with you so that you can take control of your inventory with real-time visibility to every facet of purchasing, inventory and logistics.

Order Tracking System


With Fulcrum's expertise, increase your staff productivity and improve your bottom-line by automating order tracking using our web-based tool.

It seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. Quick implementation and easy-to-use features ensure its instant adoption.

We'll work with you to customize this solution based on your business workflow, checkpoint functionalities, and safeguards compliance with our signature user-friendly graphical interface.

Server Migration


With Fulcrum's expertise, now perform live server-to-server or deferred migration through an intermediate capture of the source sever, removing conflict issues and downtime.

Once the migration is complete the environment can be configured "as-is" or can be reconstructed based on specific-needs.

We'll work with you to migrate any server, whether it's going from one hardware to another or from a physical to a virtual server.

Multilingual Website Framework


With Fulcrum's expertise, deliver a website that spans across multiple geographies. In order to deliver strategic results, mere translation of the website's text is not enough.

Display content in the language preferred by the user, retain the website fidelity, enhance user experience, and ameliorate web traffic.

We'll work with you to get into new markets, internationally establish your brand and increase prospect engagement with your web-assets.

Reporting Tools


With Fulcrum's expertise, create relational and analytical reports for a wide range of data sources and output types including: PDF, Excel, HTML or CSV.

Invest minutes instead of hours. Its flexible architecture and powerful APIs provide a scalable approach.

We'll work with you to implement this self-service, ad-hoc, query and reporting solution, which enable users to extract and obtain precise business reports with ease.

Open Source Project Development


With Fulcrum's expertise, transform Open Source technology into business advantages to avoid huge licensing-fees and design a customized solution as per your unique needs.

Open architecture enables easy integration with existing information sources, thereby reducing the implementation cycle.

We'll work with you to unleash new features, reduce dependability on proprietary software vendors and bring down the maintenance cost immediately.

eCommerce Portals


With Fulcrum's expertise, give your business a massive head-start by designing an eCommerce portal with us which is the most critical element for your online success.

Our eCommerce spectrum can comprehensively cover all our business needs such as shopping cart, catalogue management, merchandising, order & fulfillment and payment gateway integrations.

We'll work with you to implement various enterprise components across various content management systems like Joomla, Drupal or Liferay, which are easy to maintain and search engine friendly.

Portal Content Collaboration


With Fulcrum's expertise, unite staff, clients, and responsible stakeholders with required information and processes to drive next-generation business across your enterprise.

Build a framework which leverages enterprise knowledge assets by structuring information for easy access, retrieval and archival.

We'll work with you to build a business case, portal roadmap, release management and organizational change management.


We work round-the-clock to answer any questions you might have regarding our products & services.

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