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  • Adopting Emerging Technology Advancements
  • Enabling your Media Strategy
  • Creating forward-thinking Solutions


New devices, new content formats and ever-changing audiences are making media companies re-think their digital go-to-market strategy. The focus is not just confined to cost-optimization, but directed at enabling a process for information workflow through improved collaboration, effective communication and engaging content. Emerging trends continue to keep the media Industry on its toes. Digitization has changed the way consumers access and interact with content. Media companies are in need of innovative ways, through which they can keep consumers engaged by leveraging new media and creating new online revenue channels.




Entertainment is no more limited to TV, Newspaper & Radio. The On-demand era requires an agile, adapt & innovate strategy, due to multiple data formats, ad-hoc viewing time, subscriptions on the go, on-demand content and personalized experiences. Broadcasters will have to continually upgrade to new media, while still delivering through traditional ones.

Print & Publishing


New products and service solutions allow clients to serve users of all ages and backgrounds by providing effective, compelling and engaging digital content across traditional and multiple mobile platforms, formats and devices.



Advertising is showcasing today's perspective with an eye on tomorrow's market share. With constant shifts in technology, culture & business models, creative minds need to harness technology to address unique business challenges and create quick ROIs for their customers.

Do-It-Yourself Advertising


With Fulcrum's expertise, tap Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) who look for low-cost advertising with minimal time and effort investment.

Our approach bridges gaps between SMB advertisers and Media companies and enables them to launch advertising campaigns across multiple channels such as online, print and newer devices without any third-party intervention.

We'll work with you to:

  • Bring more advertisers to your platform
  • Reduce cost by designing a DIY model
  • Provide an easy-to-use application for creating ads across multiple channels

Media Project Management and Staff Augmentation


We will work as your strategic partner by providing an entire gamut of project management and employment services leveraging our Global Delivery Model (GDM).

We inculcate the best industry practices in our organization, which propel us to deliver high quality service, adding value to your project while reducing costs and maximizing profitability.

We'll work with you to provide all essential strategies, tactics and processes for project management along with staffing competent human resources needed to support all business activities both in the present and long-term.

Portal Content Collaboration


With our expertise, Global Enterprises are effectively managing their content and its distribution to various stakeholders.

For a portal to stand out, it needs to be content rich and provided with compelling user experience, which also includes site localization.

We'll work with you to provide a feature-rich platform along with desired agility clubbed with the most comprehensive set of features available in the market today.

Media Portal Migration Services


With our expertise, migrate several information sources and distribution channels to enable a uniform architectural approach and reduce costs and time-to-market.

Consolidate your user and content management approach with functionalities which provide features such as Single User Interface (UI), role-based access along with editing options, personalizing and archiving information for future use.

We'll work with you to identify and implement cost-effective solutions to meet changing needs, align a team of skilled broadcast media professionals with IT experts to provide a seamless portal migration experience.

Media-based Enterprise Collaboration Solutions


With Fulcrum's expertise, now combine the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications. Break down organizational silos with easier collaboration across departments and geographies.

Resolve customer issues faster to improve customer satisfaction, create a repository of knowledge assets and connect unstructured data with structured process to improve efficiency.

We'll work with you to improve project and resource management, define workflow and business process management supplemented with performance tracking for dynamic and actionable issue alerting.

Workflow Management Solutions


With Fulcrum's expertise, develop functionality for routing management to match work items with most suitable resource; implement queue management and role-based task assignment.

Define business rules and workflow management models then turn those rules and models into executable actions.

We'll work with you to jump-start your workflow management initiative with bespoke Media solution framework with features such as data models, role definitions, workflows, business rules, and user interface templates.

Employee Appraisal Solutions for the Media Enterprise


With Fulcrum's expertise, deploy cloud-based solutions for employee feedback and performance appraisals; automate, simplify and streamline the entire employee performance evaluation process.

This can be used as a standalone application or clubbed with other available modules. It also includes features such as recruiting, onboarding, learning & development and compensation management.

We'll work with you to develop best-in-class solution bundled with avant-grade innovation such as Dashboards & reports, configurable workflow and flexible forms.

Proposal / Quotation Management Solutions


With Fulcrum's expertise, do a leapfrog by implementing intuitive cloud-based Proposal Management Solution, improving compliance and engaging global teams effectively.

Features such as Customer Briefs, cost negotiation, budgeting, sign-off, and approval functionality act as a centralized repository for global engagements and can be customized to provide role-based access.

We'll work with you to help you create an entire prospect/customer life cycle which will consolidate relevant data from multiple sources into single application and empower you by driving innovative decision-making.

Media-focused IT Audits and Assessments


With Fulcrum's expertise, conduct exhaustive IT audits and assessments to rationalize processes and enable responsible stakeholders to have visibility and control over them.

We record qualitative and quantitative findings with detailed observations and recommendations in predefined formats with a checklist of evaluation criteria and questions.

We'll work with you to conduct integral audits and assessments and present our findings with graphical dashboards with drill-down capabilities, statistics, and findings with corrective and remedial actions.

Media Application Integration


With Fulcrum's expertise, integrate applications leveraging the industry's best practices and open standards to reduce costs and increase business flexibility.

Share data and business process flow without manual intervention, perfected by over a decade of development experience that is fast, less complex, and cost-effective.

We'll work with you to help you jump-start your integration project and will support, enhance and maintain optimization of on-going maintenance and support costs.

Media-based Testing Services


With our expertise, contain costs, shorten time-to-market, and gain more value in terms of quality, a comprehensive methodology that can be adapted for any project.

Our Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) delivers quality assurance and testing services with years of sound knowledge of testing processes, methodologies, and proven expertise in wide range of testing tools.

We'll work with you to: accelerate your program and project validation with cost-effective test automation services, reduce testing cycle times and achieve transcendent quality.


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