Today's students face challenges in finding academic and administrative information. They have to look for information across multiple information systems within the institute and use separate login credentials for these systems. This is stonewalling the concept of working collaboratively. Academic staff of colleges and universities face similar challenges as they have to login to a variety of systems to provide course information, learning material, and student support services.

Sensing the need for giving students a unified learning experience and facilitating quick dissemination of information, Fulcrum came up with Kaleidoscope - a Cloud-based portal architecture that makes student and staff interactions easy and effective.


Kaleidoscope is a unique combination of a cutting edge Cloud-based platform, education-specific features and services for customization. Fulcrum's experts devised this portal framework with the objective of aggregating information from various sources and providing a unified collaboration platform. This Cloud-based solution harnesses the potential of Office 365 suite to create a personalized, interactive, and a social platform to help students in combining social learning with academic study. As this generic framework is Cloud-based, students can access it from anywhere and through mobile devices as well.


  • Providing students with a gateway to all relevant information and systems that support their academic needs
  • Empowering students with social networking tools so that they can engage with classmates and faculty in a safe and secured environment
  • Collaborative tools that offer improved workspace storage, which allows students to store and, share documents and work together within user-defined groups
  • Improved email service, enhanced support for mobile devices and a richer web-mail environment
  • A common platform for disseminating notices, alerts, and information as issued by the colleges and universities
  • Enabling pre-enrolled students to access the Student Portal, allowing them to interact with lecturers and existing students
  • Reduced backup and disaster recovery costs, server maintenance, space, power, and cooling costs, in addition to direct IT infrastructure savings
  • On-demand scaling of storage and computing capacity without extensive planning cycles
  • Reduction of future support & deployment costs including installation, security updates, and upgrades

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