Fulcrum Difference:

  • Deep Industry Knowledge
  • Swift Implementation of Evolving Regulatory Norms


Transactions never stop, nor do businesses. Mission-critical tasks are closely linked with these services; hence we consider Banking, Financial Services and Insurance as one of the most strategic verticals here at Fulcrum Worldwide.


Life Insurance & Pensions


Manage policies, implement self-service modules, and bring down the business cycle; our solutions will streamline policy issuance, claims management and agency alignment. With a team of Life Insurance & Pension solution experts, we transform existing processes and infrastructure to provide you with a competitive edge and lower operational costs.

Property & Casualty Insurance


Personal, commercial or specialty insurance customers demand faster claims processing and better customer service; launch new products to lead the competition, improve your distribution channels and brand visibility by empowering stakeholders through harnessing the power of business intelligence blended with improving operational efficiency and fraud detection.




From underwriting challenges to new risk management products, businesses want to regulate settlement and payment processing, enable departments by faster e-processing and help them exhibit greater control over security and operations. With functional & technical command in this domain we can help you seamlessly manage all aspects of reinsurance, integrating processes and ensuring compliance.

Crop Insurance


Agricultural production can be affected by hail storm, landslide, cyclone, unseasonal rains, or inundation, thus protecting the crops from yield and yield based losses is vital. Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance companies extend crop insurance policies aiming to cover production risk. With our expertise in this segment provide customized, effective risk management policies to your end customers.

Insurance Sales Portal


With Fulcrum's expertise in Sales Portal, coupled with experience in the Insurance domain, now you can streamline Presales, Channel Management and Quoting processes.

Our team of Domain Experts, Proficient Business Consultants and Competent Technologists work round-the-clock to deliver agile insurance-based solutions, which can facilitate your sales-cycle and in return, propel closures.

We'll work with you, by making scalable insurance sales frameworks for your growing business needs. Enhanced functionality will improve co-ordination among departments and generate quick ROI.

UI/UX for Banking Portals


With Fulcrum's expertise, you can successfully tap consumers who are now shifting from conventional banking methods to a newer medium like online and mobile banking.

Our rich experience in web-based UI/UX services for Enterprise Portals, blended with the right set of functionality can be implemented across diverse set of technology platforms and newer devices.

We'll help you enhance the UI/UX part of your existing/new portal, along with aligning the File Structure, Code, CSS and UI standards.

Banking, Financial services & Insurance Testing Services


With Fulcrum's expertise, now you can focus on your core business while we help you achieve the best in quality, test cycle time and cost efficiency.

Testing for agile business models, complex technologies and cloud-based products have altogether a new perspective.

We'll work with you, to accomplish your testing objective, with testing-as-a-service, which is bundled with quality assurance, advanced toolkit and well-defined SLAs.

Banking, Financial services & Insurance Sector Data Migration Services


With Fulcrum's expertise, you can effectually merge or migrate insurance data, claims information and accounting details.

With the competency to deal with the odds like lack of documentation or source code unavailability, our technical data architects can execute the extraction and conversion process from multiple data sources.

We'll work with you for a frictionless transition with a clear vision of migration strategy in any size of conversion projects.

Custom Banking, Financial services & Insurance Application Development


With Fulcrum's expertise, we can bring you closer to your business objectives by building custom applications, which converge with daily business processes, employee productivity and customer experience.

Having delivered numerous insurance-based custom applications, we can design custom applications to meet unique business needs with our reusable components.

We'll work with you to realign your current workflow, business processes and optimize ROI from new, aging and legacy systems.

Insurance Portal Strategy


With Fulcrum's expertise in Portal Strategy coupled with experience in the Insurance domain, now you can demand better administration, maintenance and control over investments.

Our approach is to have a thorough assessment of the existing processes, system users and IT infrastructure, based on which we do a competitive benchmarking and thereafter suggest improvements to maximize your investment returns.

We'll work with you to provide with detailed insights on "as-is" and "to-be" architecture, ways to implement and roadmap for the most feasible option.

CMS for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Companies


With Fulcrum's expertise in Content Management Systems, now you can decentralize amendment tasks and maintenance process.

Non-technical content authors can easily draft and upload content, bundled with consistency in terms of design and navigation, which is automatically generated.

We'll work with you to simplify website maintenance with intuitive UI/UX design and make the website and links more Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

Banking, Financial services & Insurance Customer Solutions


With our expertise we can provide end-to-end life insurance solutions with an inbuilt logic to integrate the "proposal-to-policy" process with internal functions like operations and finance.

Innovative reasoning auto-computes cost and other policy details. It also integrates new businesses, policies, claims and internal modules.

We'll work with you to curtail your "time-to-market", coupled with analytics and reports, and flexibility to configure parameters and tariff tools.

Application Enhancement, Support & Maintenance


We have delivered application enhancement, support and maintenance services to more than 50 clients in 10 countries. We have dedicated support centres in Mumbai and Pune and provide round-the-clock IT services.

We maintain a team of well-balanced, talented and experienced engineers. An SLA-driven environment governs our projects.

We'll work with you throughout the entire Application-Life-Cycle through a performance-based model, with significant costs involved in application enhancement, support and maintenance. It's time you reconsidered your strategy.

Banking Enterprise Data Framework


With Fulcrum's expertise you can tackle major regulatory changes and data quality issues with an equitable approach to develop components like meta-model, repository, data quality, tools and governance.

Enterprise Data Framework for Insurance companies can help in creating a uniform experience across legacy systems, department-to-department, and function-to-function.

We'll work with you in mitigating the complexity of Information Systems and rolling out a comprehensive enterprise architecture framework with an extension for data quality at strategic and operational levels.

Business Services


The key to insurer’s competitiveness in a volatile market is a greater flexibility and agility.

As a business Services provider for Operations services, Fulcrum has multiple ongoing projects which are working in sync with the growth plans of the client companies.

Fulcrum leverages latest and proven technologies and processes in newer ways to improve business processes.

We specialize in building strategic models of business partnership with client companies and offer scalable models per requirement from modest solutions for day to day processing to building up complex processing modules.  Our clients entrust in us for delivering value on the basis of practicing continuous process improvements, demonstrating improved efficiency over a period of time.


  • To achieve a competitive advantage through process excellence
  • Maximize savings through better turnaround and reduced defects rate
  • Adherence to SLA’s and TAT’s leading to release of quotes on time
  • Maintaining insurance regulatory requirements
  • Helps focus the client companies on other profitable ventures

Operations Services Offered:

  • Policy data Processing
  • Claims Processing
  • Allied Report Processing
  • Support for offline projects
  • Pets Claims Processing (Niche offering)

Line of Business Processed:

  • Crisis Management
  • Environmental
  • Professional Liability
  • Marine & Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Security
  • Agribusiness / Winery
  • Contractors
  • Health & Social Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Petroleum / Propane / Service Station
  • Transportation

Legal Support Service


Legal Support Service

“A Thought Leadership Driven Approach To Legal Support Services”

We act as an extension of your corporate legal department, transforming the way you manage with technology enabled service model and flexible staffing to improve collaboration across your organization.

Legal bill Auditing

Comprehensive analysis of invoices bench-marking billing practices, billing guidelines and compliance resulting in significant savings.

An experienced attorney in legal domain related to your business audits every invoice. A comprehensive detailed review of each individual billing entry is done. As a part of the audit process we provide flagged questionable billing entries with detailed explanation of questioned entry as to why the entry is being questioned.


  • Approximately 9 percent savings in the face value of the underlying bill; with significant savings -which ordinarily range from 20-30 percent of the total litigation expenses;
  • Robust legal spend analysis reports to enhance better litigation process management
  • Decrease  in-house lawyer time related to legal invoice review to enable focus on more high-value legal tasks

Contract Lifecycle Management

Our end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management services are designed to provide organization with a constant solution that gives you better perceptibility into your contract practices, so that you can ensure compliance, properly mitigate risks, and enforce better commercial terms.

Our contract support team facilitates reduction in the timeframe from agreement to a signed contract; reduce the contract risk and ensuring best possible standard terms and conditions. Our attorneys support in the seamless execution of different contractual agreement (master agreements, financial contracts, license agreement, supply/procurement agreements, statements of work, NDAs etc) by working directly with your legal team adding significantly improvement in your legal cost savings and increasing efficiency.

Our service Offerings

  • Contract drafting
  • Reviewing, Redlining & Abstraction of Contract
  • Negotiations of contract
  • Managing contract change ( Renewal/extension) & monitoring compliance


We work round-the-clock to answer any questions you might have regarding our products & services.

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