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The key to an insurer’s competitiveness in a volatile market is greater flexibility and agility. We consider Insurance as one of our most strategic verticals here at Fulcrum Worldwide, with a special focus on Property, Casualty and Life Insurance. Our services ensure faster claims processing and better customer service. We assist product launches, enhancement of distribution channels and improvement in brand visibility for businesses engaged in Life Insurance & Pensions, Property & Casualty Insurance, Reinsurance, Crop Insurance and various other lines of businesses.

Our Services:

Digital Transformation: Our digital transformation services help you leverage the possibilities and opportunities of new technologies, enabling you to automate processes, enhance customer engagement and ease collaboration between stakeholders. We develop business critical applications that support varied business needs in the Insurance industry.

Automation: Automation enables you to stay flexible and easily adapt to changing industry requirements while upholding the quality of service and improving profitability. Our services ensure:

  • • Simplified processes (especially the underwriting and application functions)
  • • Faster claims processing
  • • Better service offerings for policyholders, enhanced operational efficiencies and decreased costs

Technology Modernization: We leverage latest technologies to build applications, which allow for deployment on different platforms, thereby significantly reducing time-to-market. We cater to the industry's changing needs by enhancing existing applications to better suit client requirements. These changes vary from modifications in applications due to changes in the government regulations to usability enhancements, security updates, and consolidation integration requirements.

Business Operations: We specialize in building strategic models of business partnerships with client companies and offer scalable models per requirement. From modest solutions for day-to-day processing to building complex processing modules, our clients entrust us to deliver value on the basis of practicing continuous process improvements and demonstrating improved efficiency over a period of time.


  • • To achieve a competitive advantage through process excellence
  • • Maximize savings through better turnaround and reduced defects rate
  • • Adherence to SLAs and TATs leading to the release of quotes on time
  • • Maintaining insurance regulatory requirements
  • • Helps the client companies focus on other profitable ventures
  • • Self Service Portals for reducing cost of operations

Operations Services Offered:

  • • Policy Data Processing
  • • Claims Processing
  • • Allied Report Processing
  • • Support for Offline Projects
  • • Pets Claims Processing (Niche offering)

Lines of Businesses Processed:

  • • Crisis Management
  • • Environmental
  • • Professional Liability
  • • Marine & Energy
  • • Oil & Gas
  • • Security
  • • Agribusiness / Winery
  • • Contractors
  • • Health & Social Services
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Petroleum / Propane / Service Station
  • • Transportation

Innovation Services: We leverage a variety of breakthrough technologies like digital platforms, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics, telematics, the global positioning system (GPS), mobile phones, blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide new ways to measure, control, and price risk, engage with customers, reduce cost, improve efficiency, and expand insurability. We also assist in the creation of new insurance products, services, and business models.

Managed Services: Our team of legal experts works with you to improve the delivery of legal services, manage the litigation lifecycle effectively, and bring down the legal costs with use of the latest technology. Our service offerings cover:

  • • Bookkeeping and billing
  • • Contract management
  • • Contract review
  • • Data analysis and management
  • • Document drafting
  • • Document production
  • • Due diligence
  • • General litigation support services
  • • e-Discovery
  • • Intellectual Property (IP) services
  • • Legal research
  • • Legal transcription

Legal Process Outsourcing: We act as an extension of your corporate legal department, transforming the way you manage with technology-enabled service model and flexible staffing to improve collaboration across your organization.

  • • Legal Bill Auditing: We provide a comprehensive analysis of invoice-bench-marking billing practices, billing guidelines and compliance resulting in significant savings. Our robust legal spend analysis reports enhance better litigation process management and proven approximately 9 percent savings in the face value of the underlying bill; with a significant saving of the total litigation expenses.
  • • Contract Lifecycle Management: Our end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management services are designed to provide organizations with a constant solution that gives you better perceptibility into your contract practices, so that you can ensure compliance, properly mitigate risks, and enforce better commercial terms.
  • Our services encompass contract drafting, reviewing, redlining & abstraction, contract negotiations; managing contract change ( renewal/extension) & monitoring compliance.


PCQuest Best IT Implementation Award 2016

‘Digital Innovations in Smart City Solutions’ category by the Digital India Summit & Awards 2016 Finalist


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