• Are you a Health Care and Life Insurance Payer firm?
  • Is it getting difficult to keep a track of Agents, Partners and Group Agency Activities?
  • Are your Customers tired of managing their own portfolios and need support assistance from your billable Agents, Partners and Group Agency Members?
  • Is it a challenge to track the premium payment related formalities?


Fulcrum Worldwide boasts a strong in-house Subject Matter Expertise in the Health Care and Insurance Payer Business Domain.

Fulcrum, with its Microsoft Portal Practice has designed an Integrated Framework, iContesto. It is a self-service portal specially designed as a packaged product, highly customizable and malleable, for insurance firms to facilitate their customers with various web enabled features and functionalities.


It is an effective portal product and framework that gives your customers the opportunity to decide & send service requests and connect with them in a personalized and rapid manner. It offers:

Access support anytime - a web based self-service portal is available whenever a customer needs help - 24 x 7.

Increased availability of solutions - customers enjoy increased and faster access to common solutions like user management, registering new policies, policy information, fund switch, online premium payments, receiving premium receipts in inbox, email & SMS notifications, online service requests & request tracking, broadcast product information, etc.

Integrates with existing internal systems with appropriate hooks - LDAP or ADLDS for authentication, Life Asia for Policy Data, SIMS or HEAT for Ticketing System, IBM CMS / Share Point for CMS/Document Managements, and so on.


Even today, customers need to visit the Health Care and Insurance Payer Service Providers' branch office and submit requests which are then routed to the concerned servicing team, resulting in an iterative activity, which is time consuming from the customers' and Business Owner's perspective.

iContesto, with its flawless Service Oriented Framework, Web 2.0 Interactive Services and Identity and Secure Access Management Skeleton, provides a "Single - Click" Centralized Dashboard to manage and manipulate all the Health Care and Insurance Payer related services, for all the participants of the business which include:

  • Customers
  • Decision Makers and Board Members
  • Business Users [Agents, Partners, Support Service Employees]


  • Online Payment
  • Inbuilt Document Management System
    • Document Upload/Download
    • Document Version Control
    • Online Document Editing and Control
    • Document Access Management
  • Blog and Discussion Forum Services
  • Multidimensional Analytical Reporting Services for Decision Makers
  • Centralized Customizable Dashboard
  • Portal Admin Interface for Managing the Portal Content and Switch On - Switch Off Product Features as and when required


  • Details of Insurance and Health Care Services and Offerings
  • Portfolio Management
  • Payment Reminder and Scheduling
  • User Friendly Portal Experience
  • Agent/ Partner Chat Service for Quick and 24 X 7 Communication
  • Payer Compliance Management
  • FAQ
  • Inbuilt Billing and Invoicing System
  • 360° Customer Feedback System
  • 360° Agent/Partner Feedback System

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