Fulcrum Difference:

  • Process Transformation
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Clinical Insights


The healthcare sector has undergone a paradigm shift, with technological changes. The industry can now control costs previously compounded with modernization of legacy systems, implement process improvements, comply with new norms and deliver personalized, insightful healthcare.


Healthcare Software Engineering


With Fulcrum's expertise, healthcare clients can build, enhance and support robust enterprise healthcare applications across a variety of platforms.

We engage in long-term partnerships to provide strong healthcare domain knowledge and create customized workflows with implementation across legacy and newer channels.

We'll work with you to architect new healthcare-based solutions and assist with the requirement analysis, design, development, QA and complete user acceptance testing cycle.

Healthcare Technology Consulting


With Fulcrum's expertise, harness emerging trends and opportunities in Healthcare IT, increase operational efficiency and enhance your existing IT infrastructure.

Assess the impact of new regulatory norms on your process and business; opt for necessary compliance and certifications require

We'll work with you to develop comprehensive frameworks for optimizing patient care and lowering healthcare costs.

Healthcare BI and Analytics


With Fulcrum's expertise, create highly modular, scalable and interoperable BI and analytics solutions offered as a web-based architecture.

Single sign-on and WSRP compliant Portlets simplify integration. It's easy to implement now with the ability to analyze performance scores by various dimensions such as age, sex, disease and monitor various milestones.

Powerful built-in functionality that can send updates on mobile phones, newer devices and configurable rule-based engines are available to you.

We'll work with you to deploy scalable, agile BI and Analytics Architectures with comprehensive reporting and compliance functionality, and provide professional services for data aggregation, ETL support and maintenance.

Patient Healthcare


With Fulcrum's expertise, design world-class healthcare ecosystems for hospitals and medical groups, health plan providers, pharmaceutical companies and employers.

Portable health records can store an individual's Personal Health Record (PHR) on a card in their wallet. They can authorize access to critical information at the time and point of need.

We'll work with you for delivering customized care and disease management solutions, also enabling a secured data exchange framework.

Medical Portal Strategy


With our extensive portfolio of technology solutions, consulting services across traditional and emerging Healthcare challenges, creating your portal strategy with us is even easier now.

Our long-term association with our clients, partners and industry-bodies is a testament of our work in medical portal strategy.

We'll work with you to formulate a coherent portal strategy, which is tailored according to your business goals and is critical to succeeding in an increasingly competitive market.

Data Migration


Since electronic health record data is about capturing complex details with consistent quality, data migration projects can fail to meet objectives and run over time and budget. Avoid these challenges by availing of our experience.

We effectively manage risk by limiting the volume of migrated data with complete transparency and confidence.

We'll work with you to ensure availability of all historical data in new applications, including electronic health record data, while lowering the project cost.

Custom Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Portals


With Fulcrum's expertise, design secured, highly configurable HIT portals, which can synchronize complex workflows with role-based task management capabilities.

A range of easy-to-use, self-service tools help provide numerous low-touch capabilities, streamline and automate your business-loop.

We'll help you strengthen your market and competitive position, enhance patient-doctor-hospital communications, and optimize staff productivity.

Cloud based Healthcare


With Fulcrum's expertise you can be a part of the evolution and can securely implement Cloud computing infrastructure, which complies with different regulatory mandates.

Insurance providers, payers (including government), life sciences, pharmaceutical companies, and medical devices manufactures (MDMs) are trying to improve the quality of patient care and simplify clinical workflows using cloud computing.

We'll work with you to perfect your workflows and improve quality in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.

Mobile Healthcare


We devise a full suite of mobile application development services and solutions to enable quick data access for a superior quality and service.

We also create web-apps that are platform-agnostic, but provide patients and doctor a near "native-app experience".

We'll work with a committed team of developers, UX designers and domain experts to help you communicate effectively with physicians, facilities, sponsors and patients like never before.


We work round-the-clock to answer any questions you might have regarding our products & services.

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