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Welcome to Fulcrum Group of Companies. We are a Global IT Products and Business consulting firm, providing localized services for medium and large organizations worldwide. Fulcrum group of companies comprises Fulcrum Logic Inc. & Fulcrum Worldwide Inc., which are headed by Mr. Rajesh Sinha.

We are headquartered in Jersey City, NJ with regional offices in Chicago (US), offshore development centers in Pune & Mumbai (India), London (UK), and Brazil.


Fulcrum's diverse portfolio encompasses 4 major SBUs (Strategic business units) - Portal & Digital Transformation, BI - EAS (Business Intelligence - Enterprise Application Services), Managed Services & Professional services. Over the years we've gained significant business knowledge in the domains of Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, etc. As a constantly evolving entity, we have expanded into various new segments through strategic investments around the world.


With businesses looking for domain specific integrated technology solutions to enhance their asset productivity, Fulcrum employs its experience and expertise in catering to this need. As high-end performance is the foundation of our product development process, we have become a recognized Thought Leader when it comes to churning out next generation technology products.


We have also launched self-service portals for healthcare and insurance sectors, which demonstrated maturity in every stage of implementation. These new age products received overwhelming response across geographies. Fulcrum's vision is to create and continuously mature its model of providing business value to enterprises with innovative products, framework, and services.