Colleges and Universities have come to realize the worth of seamless manageability of operations, process functionality, and improvements in quality and cost-effectiveness. They are now conditioned to have an Enterprise Architecture (EA) in place.


Higher Educational Institutions are looking to adopt a framework for enterprise architecture to:

  • Achieve greater flexibility to accept changes in business processes and industry trends
  • Reduce IT's time to market
  • Align IT and business to the same set of priorities
  • Reduce cost to business and IT
  • Improve communication within IT and between IT and business people


Fulcrum's powerhouse comprises a team of experienced technical architects, analysts, technical leads, and certified developers. Their collective expertise and technical agility are in concurrence with the need for high-value solutions. We facilitate business and IT alignment in a structured, efficient and sustainable manner and hence we continue to excel in our EA practice.


Fulcrum's insightful approach and subject proficiency help Universities connect critical applications, course scheduling tools, and student record storage with a cloud infrastructure so that students and faculty get access to all the tools in one place.

Fulcrum's EA Offerings help institutions in:

  • Managing IT portfolio
  • Delivering blueprints for change
  • Managing process complexity
  • Supporting systems development
  • Supporting business & IT budget prioritization


This high-utility tool assesses institutions' use of architecture as a mechanism for reducing duplication. It measures outcomes achieved through enterprise architecture.

As a recognized thought leader in the industry, we are committed to the education sector on a global platform. Besides performing EA Assessments at leading universities and colleges worldwide, Fulcrum brought in new trends in Student Life Cycle to cater to the advanced needs of Student, Staff, Alumni, and other stakeholders in academic community.

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