Fulcrum Difference:

  • Track enrolment, performance and retention
  • Align administrative activities and streamline processes
  • Monitor organizational/student-specific goals
  • Better visibility and control


Conventional classrooms, black-boards and printed books will be soon overtaken by virtual classrooms, online social collaborations & interactive eBooks, Educational Institutes are stepping-up to assimilate this new methodology into their system.

Fulcrum Worldwide's industry-specific solutions for educational institutes, colleges, universities can help you.


Educational Portal Strategy


With Fulcrum's expertise in Portal Strategy coupled with experience in the educational domain, now you can offer a seamless experience to applicants, students, staff and alumni.

So whether you're building a portal from inception or upgrading an existing one, we'll ensure it overcomes all technology challenges or make it ready for the next generation of users.

We'll work with you, by enriching it with all the necessary functionalities, providing scalability to meet pressing needs and better control over investments.

SOA-ESB Framework Implementation


With Fulcrum's expertise in SOA for Educational Institutes we help in creating a unified experience across legacy systems, department-to-department, and function-to-function.

With ESB as the foundation for interconnecting various processes and functions, we can clearly outline business rules and role based access.

We'll work with you to ease the transition to a SOA, mitigate risk, create alignment and justify your SOA investments.

Student Tracking Systems


With Fulcrum's expertise, now universities can easily integrate disparate systems, gather student data from multiple sources, and showcase data in required formats.

A blend of SOA and ESB framework is implemented to aggregate data, which helps in creating a seamless unified experience.

We'll work with you, to bring down the Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO), reuse components and provide with comprehensive business automation.

CRM services in HE


With Fulcrum's expertise, now convert a simple interest into an application, track applicants from the initial stage and effectively leverage that information for your outreach programs.

With deep industry knowledge, strong command in technical domains and proven implementation techniques, we create a yielding roadmap and a compendious action-plan to implement it.

We'll work with you to increase your outreach, connect with them and capture information in an effective manner which will enable you to build a 360° prospect profile.

Educational Content Testing & QA Services


With Fulcrum's expertise, our in-house team has successfully tested content and products and provided detailed insights about bugs which otherwise would have easily gone unnoticed.

Various testing activities like Unit, System, Performance and Acceptance testing aligned with product/content development can help accelerate your projects in conjunction with your budget and timeline.

We'll work with you to completely leverage our educational domain proficiency aligned with our offshore testing center, for delivering quality output across different platforms and devices.

University Proposal Management System


With Fulcrum's expertise, create a centralized repository of documents, control lead times and enforce procedural compliance for all your proposals.

Now you can involve various departments involved, implement dematerialization (paper to e-format), collaborate with different geographical locations and reduce your turnaround time.

We'll work with you to create a Proposal Management System, which addresses the dynamics of Educational Sector, improves compliance and expedites execution.

Academic Website Development


With Fulcrum's expertise, we have executed several large-scale projects with varying levels of complexity, coupled with in-depth knowledge on all leading web technologies.

So whether you're planning to implement a Content Management Solution (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress to accelerate content creation cycle or planning to upgrade your existing portal to reduce human-dependency, we will work with you to implement one, blending it with customizations, module add-on or plug-in development. With our robust multi-user methodology you can easily manage users and permissions.

University Business Strategy Consulting


We have fueled business transformation projects for leading universities across the globe, which includes implementation of complex, high-risk & new business processes.

With our industry-proven methodology, global delivery teams and vast service portfolio, we take corrective action and often demystify the "build or buy" dilemma amongst clients.

We'll work with you to calibrate the effects of economy, competition and demand on your business to redesign your IT infrastructure, strengthen your business strategy and actions that impact your bottom-line.

Student Tracking Portal


With Fulcrum's expertise, Universities can track performance data such as attendance and semester reports, which can be utilized in planning and implementing the next course of action for student, staff and faculty.

Real-time information sharing among students, professors, Head of Departments (HODs) and staff facilitates feedback sessions backed with concrete insights.

We'll work with you to set this up in your university, which will ameliorate performance-based approach and further elevate retention rates.

Unified Web Integration across HE Institutes


With Fulcrum's expertise, you can explicitly connect geographically distributed universities and colleges to provide a unified presence, leveraging on distance-learning and on-demand programs as an added source of revenue generation.

Integrate student information systems, virtual learning environments, and student tracking systems, customer/prospect relationship management tools and enterprise content management solutions to provide a seamless experience across all locations.

We'll work with you to build this enterprise architecture with well-defined roadmap to take actionable steps in creating a unified architecture.

Cloud based Shared Learning Infrastructure


With Fulcrum's expertise, government bodies are productively coordinating with school staff and district officials, who are now able to disseminate information using mobile phones and access student performance data through a common platform.

Our command in the educational sector helps us to identify the best suitable platform for providing a cloud-based architecture, which can effectively integrate with any learning infrastructure.

We'll help you build and deploy cloud assets, which make disintegrated architectures coalesce without large, upfront investments.

Student Applicant Portal


Universities are facing the heat due to funding cuts, fall in enrollments, and increase in tuition fees. With Fulcrum's expertise, they can create re-usable components to cut costs and provide a unified experience for all Stakeholders (Pre-Applicant, Applicant, Enrolment, Student, Alumni, Staff, and Employer).

Furthermore, this approach bolsters student recruitment and marketing activities. Instead of a scattered approach, institutes can now tailor their programs based on unique footprints that the portal captures.


We'll help you with the portal assessment, infrastructure deployment and post-implementation support.

Some unique features of this solution

  • Single point of access
  • Improved collaboration
  • Uniform content management
  • Built-in reporting capabilities

University-based ICT Strategy


With Fulcrum's expertise, universities are able to unearth the changing trends in the IT landscape and have decided to play "leap frog" and provide its Pre-Applicants, Applicants, Students, Alumnus, Staff, and Employers with a "Unified Experience".

On the technical side, it is vital to streamline portal strategy, integration strategy, existing systems and virtualization like never has been done before.

We help decision makers transform this vision into a reality. Our comprehensive Gap analysis methodology fortifies your corporate vision and investments.

University Portal


With Fulcrum's expertise, you can harness the power of social media and revisit your digital strategy, an approach wherein an entire "as-is" University ecosystem is created for students, faculty, staff and administration to collaborate.

With features such as

  • Announcements for Students, School, University and Staff
  • Classified Student Alerts deadline, submission)
  • Exam schedules & Reminders
  • Grades/Marks and feedback review
  • Events on Campus
  • Know your University (maps, classrooms, facilities, shuttle)
  • Mobile Rendering and Money Management

We'll help you to create a collaborative environment of greater sophistication for the best possible learning environment, which goes beyond the regular curriculum.

UI/UX for University Portals


The best content-based portals can be rendered useless if a cogent human interface is missing. With our expertise, you can now enhance the experience of first contact between your students/prospects and the portal. Rich experience in web-based enterprise as well as consumer product portals are implemented using a diverse set of technology platforms.

We'll help you aggrandize the aesthetics of your existing/new portal coupled with aligning the File Structure, Code, CSS and UI standards.


We work round-the-clock to answer any questions you might have regarding our products & services.

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