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  • Produce Tangible Business Results
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Our end-to-end services, covering ERP, SCM and CRM solutions, provide our clients a single view of the Enterprise and Customer. Across the world, we help hundreds of businesses to effectively manage complex operations, mitigate risk and deliver superior customer service. We leverage our Global Delivery Model (GDM) to render unparalleled project management expertise, which in return helps businesses Run Better, Run Faster!




Conquer this hyper-competitive market, increase your paper-thin margins, and delight your customers. Streamline your sales and marketing for more customer acquisitions initiatives, and foray into new markets and form alliances. IT can do more than what it used to.



Get access to information and opinions on a mere click. Your competitors are in pursuit to lure consumers with ancillaries such as websites, social media, and mobile apps. Reshape your technology to redefine your business transformation strategy, accelerate innovation, and localize operations.

Non-profit Organizations


Across the world we partner with Not-for-Profit organizations to offer IT-based solutions with an aim to champion transparency, compliance and program-effectiveness measurement. This approach is tailored based on regional, cultural or national preferences with a motive to improve delivery efficiency, save costs, improvise distribution, and extenuate risk.



Unprecedented transformation, pressure to improve services to citizens, significant budget reforms, enabling "smart governance" is the need of the hour. A blend of domain expertise, management professionals and the technological know-how can surely put critical development programs on the fast track.



Pressure on fees and competition has intensified, legacy systems will only add to despair. Redefining our IT landscape will enable optimum utilization of resources resulting in cost arbitrage and savings potential. A fully integrated, end-to-end business solution can definitely drive business efficiency across all functional silos.



The culinary Industry is progressively investing in process improvements and reducing operational expenditures, while maintaining quality and meeting all safety and regulatory norms. The aim is to provide a consistent brand experience to customers and impart an exclusive experience to every serving opportunity, with enablers from IT such as Value chain planning and execution, Enterprise Performance Management & BI, and Customer Relationship Management. You have all the ingredients to grab a bigger pie!

Real Estate


Known for uncertainty, the only trait of this industry is adoption. A strategic thought-leadership driven technology partner acts as an enabler of solutions that help commercial real estate owners, managers, and investors focus on managing real-estate investments and operations.

Customized Online Sales Portal


With Fulcrum's expertise, implement a world-class cloud-based sales solution, which is the most critical success-factor for any enterprise. Collaborate seamlessly with different geographical teams and use customer and sales data for insight-driven decision-making.

Integrate all facets of sales such as presales, promotion, service and distribution: in-built dashboard view and document management capability bundled with single sign on (SSO) and integration flexibility.

We'll work with you to effectively integrate various stakeholders, enable sales and marketing content collaboration supplemented with reporting and management analytics.

Enterprise Collaboration Solutions


With Fulcrum's expertise, maximize productivity through unified personalized interactions, and extreme business flexibility to meet ever-changing market demands.

Use powerful, configurable features, unify user experience, streamline workflows, optimize business processes and personalize interactions.

We'll work with you to build a best-of-breed solution that spans across multiple geographies and time zones, empowers your team to communicate, collaborate and execute tasks faster.

Next-Generation Point-of-Sale (POS) website


With Fulcrum's expertise, understand and grow your business, turn visits into clicks, clicks into sales, entertain all payment modes with seamless e-commerce integration.

Take full advantage of the Internet and Mobile World, keep track of inventory, orders, sales and complete transaction-cycle management with our modern & easy-to-use interface.

We'll work with you along with a team of astute online marketers, competent business analysts and seasoned project managers offering you an abundance of experience in e-commerce and Internet distribution.

Medical Management Information Systems


With Fulcrum's expertise, combine technology with data to get the accurate information, which enables everyone to work better, faster and smarter.

Cloud-based, Easy Interface customized reporting capabilities tool can be easily integrated with any system within or outside the organization.

We'll work with you to build a self-sustainable Health Information Exchange (HIE) point which will help you drive cohesive, affordable healthcare programs without much federal fund inputs, and further future-proof your Medical MIS.

Real Estate Reporting Tools


With Fulcrum's expertise, harness new technologies and tools required to automate reporting processes and eliminate people-intensive, error-prone costly efforts.

Get accurate, instant answers through real-time data fetching, generate presentation-quality custom or standard reports, and create charts and graphs for trend analysis.

We'll work with you to deploy a svelte, interactive reporting tool that will elicit real-time actionable information to make sound financial and operational decisions, and also create alerts for key business issues or milestones.

Portal Architecture & UI Enhancement with CMS implementation


With Fulcrum's expertise, enhance your portal's UI to add more interactivity, design its architecture and implement a shrewd migration strategy to achieve robustness, performance and maintainability.

Implement a Content Management System (CMS) of choice, including an Open Source CMS for cost-effectiveness and take control of the content on your website, aligning intranet and extra-net sites.

We'll work with you to first provide with a proof-of-concept (POC) for the project which will outline tools, technologies, techniques, procedures, development guidelines and review process based on which we will implement a framework which is consistent and productive.

IT Assessment & Roadmap


We have devised our industry acclaimed "Dual Advantage Strategy: IT Assessment & Roadmap" wherein we firstly pinpoint technology stack that would address present and future business needs. Secondly, we define a clear milestone based plan, which translates client's strategic requirements into a step-by-step implementation plan.

Our "Dual Advantage Strategy" includes enablers such as base-lining, tactical use, strategic long-term use, asset retirement recommendation and emerging technology advocacy.

We'll work with you to create a bespoke IT roadmap post assessment, benchmark technology plans against peers and connect IT projects to Business goals.

Specialized Web-Property Development


We have delivered numerous specialized web-properties ranging from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability Assurance, Corporate Economic Responsibility (CER) and Community Development.

We help you contribute towards sustainable economic development by enhancing your performance, increasing your access & outreach and provide with the entire concomitant required in terms of IT, processes and people.

We'll work with you to implement purposeful, tenable and measurable web assets, which create greater value for CSR activities and its beneficiaries. We do this by designing path-breaking solutions to address immediate & long-term societal problems by utilizing our core IT competency.

User-Centric UI/UX Design Solutions


With Fulcrum's expertise, create a successful user interface structure which makes your website or application easy to navigate, self-evident, and visually compelling.

UX/UI must be scientific, systematic and pragmatic endeavor, which provides a complete user-centred design process which undoubtedly takes end-users experience to the next-level.

We'll work with you to develop a mature UX practice, support in tactical/showcase projects, UX strategy, structural design, detailed design and continuous enhancement of released offerings.

Platform Migration Services


With Fulcrum's expertise, upgrade your IT infrastructure to meet more demanding service levels, contain costs, or avoid IT obsolescence as older platforms may be impeding your ability to achieve your tactical/strategic objectives.

Migrate to a system that is complete, open and optimized, to take full advantage of your existing framework. Vendors usually try to consolidate a complex and incompatible range of platforms which can render you helpless.

We'll work with you to scope the project, present options, select the best migration strategy and obtain order-of-magnitude estimates for overall project complexity and size.

IT Consolidation Consulting - Pre/Post Merger & Acquisition


With Fulcrum's expertise, drive identification and resolution of IT issues before they cost you hard dollars. Create visible value driver measurement to enable early identification of problems and develop appropriate course corrections.

From conceiving, selecting, integrating to asset retirement, we manage the complexities of executing domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

We'll work with you to align your IT strategy with your business goal, which will allow you to focus on high value activities (like decision making) and minimize the distraction to the core business.


We work round-the-clock to answer any questions you might have regarding our products & services.

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