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How education software solution is revolutionizing learning, student experience and University’s IT landscape

Digital transformation has contributed to the change in the human desire for instant gratification. Meaningful, productive changes in technology have helped to create a unified “here and now” experience that is especially prevalent among the younger generation. Gone are the days when students had to look for Noticeboards around their university campus for postings about university news or wait until they got into the class to know their grades. Today university administrators make it their aim to provide a platform for students that’s revolutionizing learning, student experience and University’s IT ecosystem; for the students using multiple devices this means delivering integrated, mobile-enabled, service management tools that both improves the student experience and provides useful data for IT to ensure compliance and further integration of learning management system, course management system or library management systems.

In a University Business article, prominent Higher Education leaders from leading US universities projected what they thought would be trending for 2016, mainly these trends were focused on academic technology such as College Management System and the role it’s playing in ensuring student success. Student Information Management Systems like Kaleidoscope help University Administrators to keep the tech savvy student engaged and makes it easier for faculty to manage their responsibilities towards students.
Kaleidoscope, a software for higher education institutes meet the needs of students, staff, faculty and alumni seamlessly. Some of Kaleidoscope’s key features include access to social networking, library management; interface with emails, grades, university news and groups. This cloud based technology is accessible from any device with a single sign on functionality and for the Gen-next students this means ‘The power of now’.
New technology solutions like Kaleidoscope by Fulcrum Worldwide, a leading higher education software company connects all university services without much disruption to the University’s existing IT investment in order to bring together disparate applications, dispersed across the institution.

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