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Highlights from Tandem 2018: Fulcrum’s Annual Festival of Culture & Innovation

Each year, leadership from the Fulcrum Family of companies join over 500 Fulcrum associates in Pune, India for a four-day celebration of achievements and values, culminating in a grand gala with live acts: This is Tandem, and it’s an essential part of the company’s digital acceleration & growth strategy.

Four Days of Innovation & Celebration

From January 9 through January 12, Fulcrum associates enjoyed a multitude of fun and insightful sessions and educational activities. Training, strategy, and wellness sessions were held, along with solution demos and meetings with special guests. Team members gathered for keynote addresses from industry thought leaders, participated in a variety of workshops on leading business and tech trends, and partied the night away at the grand Gala at the Courtyard Marriot.

Throughout the four-day event, teams shared knowledge and inspiration during brainstorming sessions about business idea implementation, machine learning, and Fulcrum’s Core Values.

A Platform for Collaboration

The Business Idea Implementation Competition created a platform for niche business ideas to be explored with the group, challenging employees’ innovation skills. Four teams brainstormed over 60 ideas, out of which four winning ideas were shortlisted for further research and ideation. After more brainstorming, the teams went on to produce complete business plans for each of these visionary ideas, contributing greatly towards a learning and innovative company culture.

Expert Insight & Education

Fulcrum associates were joined by subject matter experts Amit Vernekar, Business Head of Fulcrum Digital, and Manish Nair, Technical Architect at Fulcrum Worldwide, for power-packed sessions on DevOps and Artificial intelligence. After the sessions, team members met with the pair to discuss their thoughts, questions, fears and aspirations involving these technologies and practices.

A Cultural Exploration

CEO Rajesh Sinha conducted the “Immersion” workshop on Fulcrum’s Core Values for all members of the leadership team. The exercise provided deep insight into employees’ personal value systems and clearly demonstrated how they overlap with the company’s corporate culture. It brought about the understanding of each employee’s goals, both personal and professional, empowering them to uncover talent and align them to the organization’s vision.

A Community of Sportsmanship

Fun athletic activities were held, including the Fulcrum Premier League, the company’s co-ed cricket tournament. Other games like badminton, volleyball, throwball, and a 5K race were met with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The Women’s Meet with company management addressed issues like work-life balance and workplace safety as a constructive avenue for advancing the cause of Fulcrum’s strong female workforce. Later, associates gave back to the community through blood donations and engaged with NGOs on issues faced around the globe.


The Tandem Gala

On the last day of the festival, colleagues gathered at the Marriot’s beautiful outdoor stage for CEO Rajesh Sinha’s company address. He discussed 6 company declarations for the coming year, listing goals for performance monitoring, strategy, execution, people, culture and quality. Sinha spoke about the future of the business as a Digital Acceleration company, detailing how the team will achieve these goals by taking on the habits of digital accelerators. Following the address, Fulcrum’s advisor to the Board of Directors, Ganesh Natarajan, Fulcrum COO, Dhana Kumarasamy, and Redstage CEO, Adam Morris, shared interesting insights, developments, and outlooks for the exciting year ahead. At the evening’s climax, an awards and recognition ceremony was held, accompanied by beautiful cultural performances by some incredibly talented Fulcrum employees.

Tandem 2018 was truly a memorable event, and we look forward to a year of progress and innovation to come.

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