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Fulcrum Worldwide Celebrates Employee Dedication with Service Distinction Awards & Recognition

Fulcrum leadership truly believes recognition is the greatest motivator. This month, Fulcrum recognizes and celebrates the incredible service and achievements of employees around the world.

For accomplishing these milestones, Fulcrum team members will be awarded for their time, efforts, hard work and devotion to their company. We are pleased to announce to the industry (and the world), the integral roles these men and women played in propelling our company's evolution.  

Our Rewards and Recognition (R&R) program is based on an evaluation of both personal and professional goals, as well as each individual team member's role in exemplifying Fulcrum’s core company values. 

The "On-The-Spot" awards promote our culture of innovation by rewarding employees with flags of distinction, put on display in our global offices. Each of the flags represents one of Fulcrum's 5 core values, listed below. 

  1. Teamwork, collaboration and Fun
  2. Growth
  3. Quality
  4. Trust, transparency and risk
  5. Innovation & continuous learning

Our "Quarterly Achievement Awards" dive deeper into each awarded individual's triumphs, recognizing their distinct performance areas. In this, we have introduced several exciting award categories to acknowledge the hard work and dedication put forth by these top performers. The Quarterly Achievement Awards include:  

  • The Innovator Award
  • The Brilliance Award
  • The Milestone Award
  • The Client Satisfaction Award
  • The Peer-to-Peer Award
  • The Sports Award
  • The Service Distinction Award
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