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Fulcrum looks forward to demonstrate its capabilities at ucisa cisg 2014 conference

What is it that the colleges and universities need to become truly accessible to students? How can they resolve the issue of isolated and stand-alone academic information systems? Why institutions are now keen on bringing academic, administrative, and social systems on a single platform? All these and many more questions pose a concern for the IT heads of the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) that have lately realized the importance of creating a collaborative environment for students and staff alike.

It's no secret that the outdated student records systems are preventing HEIs from putting students at the heart of their system. To help universities escape this predicament, Fulcrum will join other Thought Leaders at the UCISA CISG Conference 2014 in Manchester from 12-14 November.

During this 3-day conference, team Fulcrum will demonstrate its problem-solving capabilities and the challenges it had overcome to improve universities' information delivery systems that support students throughout their academic journey.

While some institutions need a complete remodelling of their information architecture, others want a long-term IT strategy in place. From the prospect to alumnus, there's a greater need to provide students with an excellent service. As students and university staff expect to have a robust IT-enabled environment even beyond their institution, Fulcrum continues to deliver out-of-the-box solutions to enable HEIs to remove barriers of operating a multi-site campus.

In the last few years, IT expenditure of universities has skyrocketed due to the existence of too many applications and vendors. Multiple sources of data fail to deliver the learning experience that the universities want to. The UCISA CISG 2014 Conference is going to be an ideal platform for the HEIs that are not yet in sync with the concept of digital campus.

By the virtue of having partnered with leading HEIs, team Fulcrum has gained the experience of making learning technologies more accessible to students and widening their participation. Fulcrum has also helped HEIs realize some of the strategic benefits of cloud computing. Its homegrown portal framework is one of the earliest cloud-based initiatives on Office 365 for the HE sector. This new age portal has demonstrated the ability to reach a wider network of students and deliver information on demand.

Fulcrum's attendance at the CISG 2014 conference is aimed at making colleges and universities aware of the need to improve quality and timeliness of data provided to the students and other stakeholders. We have helped HEIs reduce the data burden by creating Interconnected and Interoperable information management systems. This time too, we are ready to set strategic directions for them.

As a visitor, you have lots to learn:

  • What are the Next Big Things in IT for HE Sector?
  • How IT governance can be structured to ensure swift and effective decision making?
  • How to define an IT strategy that can shape the future of HEIs?
  • How cloud adoption can help HEIs deliver better student experience?

We look forward to seeing you all at the CISG Conference.

To know more about the event, visit: UCISA CISG 2014

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