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Dynamics CRM for Phones - An Overview

This blog article will give you an Overview of Dynamics CRM for Phones features and functionalities. By using the Dynamics CRM for Phones mobile app, no matter where you are, you can check the dashboard for analytics, team performance, create / update records, view records and views, send an email or call directly to your customer, etc.

Let’s have a close view of some of the features and functionalities of Dynamics CRM for Phones:

  1. 1. Navigation Bar: We have different options which are as follows:
  • i.  Back button: This will take you to the pages you were working on recently.
  • ii. Home: This will take you to the Home page (Fig. 1).

(Fig. 1)

  • iii. Search: You can find your records by clicking on the Search (Fig. 2)

(Fig. 2)

  • iv. Menu: You can navigate to the different entities and dashboard by clicking on the Menu (Fig. 3).

(Fig. 3)

  1. 2. Ellipses on the Footer: You will get more options for the record you are working on by clicking on the ellipses (Fig. 4)

(Fig. 4)

  1. 3. Add Record: The user can add new records by clicking on the Add button or New Record button (Fig. 5).

(Fig. 5)

  1. 4. View Record: The user can view the records says Account / Contacts record, including cases, opportunities, etc. (Fig. 6 and 7)

(Fig. 6)

(Fig. 7)

  1. 5. Send email or Call directly to your prospects or customers from the Dynamics CRM for Phones (Fig. 8).

(Fig. 8)

  1. 6. Pin the frequently used Accounts or Contacts record on the Home page for the faster access.
  2. 7. Touch the address and Dynamics CRM for Phones will take you to the Map application.
  3. 8. Offline Capabilities (Fig. 9)
    1. i. The user can access the record even if not in a network or disconnected.
    2. ii. The user can create the record and that will store in the Draft section

(Fig. 9)

  1. 9. Customize the Dynamics CRM for Phones app
    1. i. Create a Dashboard with the items you would like to see on your phone.
    2. ii. Pin your favorite records or views on the Home page for the faster access.

Conclusion, there are few more features we have of the new Dynamics CRM for Phones app. The Dynamics CRM for Phones mobile app are available for Android Phone, iPhone and Windows Phone.