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Culinary Suite: complete procure-to-pay solutions for the food services industry

To say that the food services industry is a growing industry is an understatement, the restaurant industry has a current record of 782.7 billion sales according to the National Restaurant Association. These numbers do not include revenue from the food production industry, so adding that into the equation, there is no doubt that food services is relevant.



Current Restaurant Performance Index


The focus of any player in the food services industry, whether as a producer or restaurant owner is satisfying the needs of the consumer and ensuring they are happy enough to return to your restaurant or reuse your product. The food service industry daily face challenges with their food supply chain, production, preparation and distribution process that may prevent them from satisfying the needs of their customer.


Culinary Suite offers a cloud based software for companies in the food services industry that functions as a food distribution, food supply chain, inventory control, and logistics solution from the point of procurement to the customer payment.


Food Technology Magazine predicted that this year top food trends would include focusing on nutrition, mobility access for dining, packaging, cleaner labels. In keeping with these trends Culinary Suite is accessible from any mobile device and its nutrition and recipe modules ensures accurate nutritional management, labeling, food prep and measuring conversion. The inventory/warehouse module efficiently oversee the constant flow of goods into and out of any existing inventory. The other modules purchase, revenue, vendor and customer, manage orders, vendor and customer purchase history, create invoices and other services to ensure the overall process for these aspects of the business.

Culinary Suite perfects the food service management process for companies who use this product; from start to finish it is helpful in maintaining your competitive edge.

Ideal solution, as a Food Distribution Software, Food Supply Chain Management Software, Inventory Control Software, Supply Chain Solution, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management Software or Logistics Software.

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