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Content Management Systems – Which one should you commit to for your business? (Web Development, Mobile Application Development or Custom Application)

Content Management Systems – Which one should you commit to for your business? (Web Development, Mobile Application Development, or Custom Application Development)

There are many Content Management Systems, choosing the right one is easy to decide; simply choose the one that best meets the needs of your business. Before you consider selecting a CMS you should know with certainty which structure best fits your content and future updates; how often will content updates are necessary; which CMS fits into your budget and does your budget include costs for ongoing maintenance? Companies chose to migrate to a CMS or make changes to their current system for a number of reasons, chief among this being able to generate valuable customer insights and ensure a ROI.

Maintaining a portal content and collaboration system is necessary because it stores your website content, enables easy editing, and allows multiple web administrators to log in to a single system and collaborate on updating your website. It also ensures efficiency in your business and services such as portal architecture and development, information architecture, content management, single sign-on and enterprise integration. This means that your business enjoys a robust platform of services with the advantage of seamless integration. Fulcrum offers a suite of services for Portal Content and Collaboration that does exactly this, working with companies to create a solution framework that implements marketing information systems and innovative interactive platforms.


You should choose Liferay if you’re looking for a platform with strong social business features, is easy to use and has a low cost of ownership.  Some of Liferay’s core service offerings are platform assessment, initial installation, federated authentication (LDAP, CAS, Siteminder, etc.), clustering, security, integration and support services.


Magento is sure to meet your business needs if you’re looking for a low cost e-commerce platform with open source architecture that offers your customers a customized experience, has inventory categorization and perfects your search engine optimization.


An Open source platform, this is your platform of choice if your company is seeking a team with expertise in all stages of Drupal development, including Requirements analysis, Wire frame creation, Content Architecture, Drupal Configuration, Code Development, Testing and Implementation.


Fulcrum delivers customized portal solutions to customers who implement SharePoint. If your company needs include centralized access to organizational information, tracking different versions of documents created by users and integrating with existing business applications, SharePoint should be the option you choose.



Fulcrum’s service for WebSphere customers, is ideal for customers who seek to have or maintain a competitive edge in their industry.  Our Consultants assess the need of your application infrastructure and offers a variety of services including strategy, development, system integration, user experience design, product evaluation, product configuration and customization.


Now that you’re familiar with all the CMS fulcrum offers, the next step is to decide which one is best for you and contact us to help you implement it.

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