Thought Leadership is not about knowing all the Answers....

It's About Understanding the Questions Right!

With a passion to become the go-to organization for all your business challenges, we do whatever it takes to ask the right questions, so that we'll have all the answers for you. Our team of industry veterans, domain experts, proficient business consultants and competent technologists work round-the-clock to create new business models and develop innovative ideas that can change the way we create solutions for the future-ready organizations.


Multiple locations, Disintegrated Solutions, Complex Systems ...

Can be transformed into optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiency, minimized risk!

These challenges are not uncommon to you in today's global marketplace. From Healthcare to Education and Media to Retail, we have the expertise and experience that is crucial to attain your business goals. As one size doesn't fit all, industry knowledge comes from continuous investment and technical command in the domain. Our business process, integrated approach and optimized solutions can meet your most pressing customers and technology needs.

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Connect the Dots!

End-to-End Services and Solutions, Truly Redefined.

Building on our diverse expertise and domain knowledge, we offer a wide spectrum of technology services that make businesses do better. Fulcrum makes optimum use of latest technology stack and process excellence to help businesses perform in a dynamic market environment.

As a Thought Leader in technology, we have the hands-on experience of working on both on-premise and cloud architecture. We have been delivering path-breaking solutions by working around technologies on the lines of IBM, Microsoft, and Liferay.

Our technology services include, but not limited to:

  • Business Consulting
  • Portal, Content & Collaboration
  • Digital Transformation & Mobility
  • Big Data & BI Services
  • Platform Integration Services
  • Managed Services

New age products for future ready businesses

Collaboration and Scalability is the New Mantra

With businesses looking for domain specific integrated technology solutions to enhance their asset productivity, Fulcrum employs its experience and expertise in catering to this need. As high-end performance is the foundation of our product development process, we have become a recognized Thought Leader when it comes to churn out latest technology products.

Our alliance with global technology leaders and proven record of product engineering excellence enable us to design innovative products for a range of industry verticals. Fulcrum's experts have already engineered cloud based student portal frameworks that have impressed the global Higher Education sector.

We have also launched self-service portals for healthcare and insurance sectors, which demonstrated maturity in every stage of implementation. These new age products received overwhelming response across geographies.

Freedom, Ability and Experience

Freedom to Choose, Ability to Perform and Experience to Deliver

At Fulcrum we believe, every business challenge is unique and there exists a unique solution for it.

Thought Leadership is not always about knowing all the Answers, but it's also about understanding the Questions right! Hence we give every client the Freedom to Choose their Services or Solutions. Everyone in Fulcrum has the Ability to Perform coupled with the Experience to Deliver results.